The Practice of Atma Vichara



If you applied your mind persistently to the question “Who am I?” even as an intellectual exercise you would conclude that you are not the body, not the thoughts, not the events that you experience. These things are happening and are arising in something, something which is enduring and constant. That something is the power of knowing itself, the power of awareness, through which the world is experienced. It is that power which constitutes I. This is not something to be found, it is something which already is but is not recognised.

“To see the self is to be the self, that is how the self is known” ( Sri Ramana Maharshi)

The practice of Atma Vichara is not an intellectual exercise and unlike other meditations it is a practice of Being rather than of doing. Progressively we learn to drop the urgency to do and have and get. In its place there is natural alertness, attentiveness to the presence I, to the spontaneous presence of this feeling I, without thinking about it.

Effective teaching must be adaptable and presented in multiple forms to be accessible to the level of understanding of the seeker. Given below are examples of Atma Vichara practice. Come on retreat, come to satsang, use this life for enquiry and exploration. Seek out guidance and practice, however you understand it. That is the only way, anything else is avoidance.

How to do the practice

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