Yoga Nidra – Whole Relaxation


Yoga Nidra

Yoga Nidra can be seen as a dynamic, watchful state, somewhere beyond waking, dreaming and deep sleep. It achieves peace of mind, wellbeing and a sense that burdens are being set free. It is an ancient and well respected yoga technique that is given through a teacher’s instruction.

Practicing with the CD

This CD guides you through the practice. An excellent resource clearly providing a simple yet profound technique of Yoga Nidra that is both effective and accessible to anybody. Its effect is to promote a deep sense of complete physical and emotional relaxation. Recorded by Derek and produced by YogaLiving, the CD is professionally created and contains 2 tracks of 22 and 35 minutes. Beautifully presented this is an exceptional aid to real relaxation and wellbeing.

Price: £14.95 including p&p


“After practicing I experienced a great feeling of calmness and peace, both body and mind are fully refreshed. These practices are lovely to listen to and suitable for anyone, you do not have to be a yoga practitioner to benefit from the experience.

Yoga Student

“What a joy that these practices are available but they do need to be well taught. This CD achieves that, it is excellent, simple, clear and effective. We just need to give ourselves time to lie down and listen to it; the rest takes care of itself. Beautiful and thank you.”


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