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A description of what Atma Vichara is and how to practice it is given here

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Key Texts of Atma Vichara

Sri Ramana Maharshi wrote comparatively little, all of his writings being contained in a single volume, referenced below,  entitled collected works. Of these there are 3 pieces that are of great importance to understanding and which give correct pointers to the reality he described and the approach he taught. These 3 pieces have been translated by various authors and there are several commentaries available. In the spirit of striving to make the teaching as accessible as possible YogaLiving has revised the English descriptions and reworked them into plain English text.



Written by Sri Ramana in 1928 this is his 40 verses on reality and is one of the finest spiritual texts available. It is the embodiment of his most important teaching and is the key text to be studied and absorbed by serious students of Atma Vichara.

The YogaLiving plain version of Satdarshanam

Upadesha Sarem

Known as the Essence of Instruction this text was written in 1924. Considered as an Upanishad in its own right it is, alongside the traditional Vedas, chanted daily at Sri Ramanashram.

The YogaLiving plain version of Upadesha Sarem


Nan Yar

A very early writing from 1904 when Ramana Maharshi was 25 years old. It is a dialogue between teacher and student.

The YogaLiving plain version of Nan Yar      

Original Works

The original English versions of all the above are included within the official publication of Sri Ramanashram and can be downloaded from their site.

The collected works of Sri Ramana Maharshi   (Link to external site)

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