Sphurana – The yoga practice of Atma Vichara


The practice of Atma Vichara

Sphurana is a unique 140 page instruction book clearly explaining and describing the practice of Atma Vichara. This is an original work written by a teacher with detailed insight into the essentials of practice and the realities of applying its approach within the everyday responsibilities of life. The context of nature within which we live is described and what we then do about it is clearly outlined.


” A beautifully articulated and hugely profound piece of work. This book continues in the tradition of the Upanishads and is for those people who experience a yearning in their heart for spiritual truth. I found it exceptionally inspiring, relevant and insightful”.

A seeker

” Brilliant, such a highly practical and realistic book, this really tells me what the practice is and how to apply it. This is so refreshing after trawling through all the ambiguous and uncertain commentaries that I have seen elsewhere. .

A community member

Price: £11.20 including p&p

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