What is Satsang

Satsang is a spiritual meeting of like minded people. The word means the ‘company of the wise’ or ‘meeting the truth’, it is the time honoured tradition of gathering together to receive and imbibe the potency of teaching. Whether through speech, silence, dialogue or something inexpressible, satsang is powerful  and inspiring- something beyond ordinary values. YogaLiving events programme

Advaita is the teaching

The teaching of YogaLiving is Advaita Vedanta, the timeless profound and beautiful spiritual knowledge erupting from the Upanishads. It means ‘not two’ and is the teaching that describes oneness. Atman -embodied spirit or consciousness and Brahman -the overarching reality are one whole. This is very beautiful and is increasingly aligned to the most modern discoveries of the workings of nature, consciousness and mind.

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Public meetings- What happens

Gatherings are either arranged as a 3 hour meeting or a 6 hour whole day event. Participants gather and sit in chairs or on the floor if they choose. Through spontaneous discourse and example the  teacher illuminates the vision of  Advaita. The practical context of the teaching and its implementation in ordinary life is fully addressed. The profound meditation practice of Atma Vichara (Self- Enquiry) is conveyed, explained and directed. There are periods  of silence and some simple chanting from the vedas enhancing the spiritual atmosphere and sense of timeless connection.

Questions and Answers

After refreshments the second half of a meeting is reserved for questions and answers. Discussion emerges from this and provides the opportunity for any personal queries or doubts about the teaching and its application in life to be put and resolved.

Private Community Satsangs

YogaLiving holds community satsang gatherings each quarter for practice, support and fellowship. These meetings are only open to members of YogaLiving. The events are held near Wells in Somerset. There is discourse, chanting, meditation,question and answer and a shared lunch.

Sound Recordings

Video examples from previous satsang meetings

Audio recordings of questions and answers from previous satsang meetings

What do you lose in sadhana-is it the ego

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Is the witness the watcher

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What is practice

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How can you develop awareness

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Do our instincts come from previous lives

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Why does practice provoke unsettling feelings

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