What YogaLiving is and does

Offering the spiritual teachings of Advaita June 2006 018v2

YogaLiving is a mature organisation, based in Somerset, in operation for more than 20 years, quietly yet influentially providing authentic teaching to people who wish to serously explore their own spiritual discoveries within the framework of Advaita Vedanta, in line with the teachings of Sri Ramana Maharshi and others.
Throughout the year a programme of public events invites people to experience satsangs and residential retreats at venues across the South of England.

A spiritual fellowship

Yogaliving is made up of like minded people living and working ordinarily in the world and pursuing this spiritual path.
Arrangements are in place to support members through contact, satsang and teaching resources.
Membership of YogaLiving  is available  to those who wish to pursue this path whilst remaining fully engaged in practical everyday life.

Engagement in the world

The fabric of the ordinary day; family life, working life, social life and relationship are the field within which spirituality is encountered. The fellowship of YogaLiving is not based on a building or a place; belonging is not dependent on renunciation or a protected lifestyle thereby freeing people from the notion that worldly events are a barrier to spiritual practice or should be resisted.

IMG_1787 smallMaintaining the traditions of spiritual life through:

Direct Teaching

Spiritual Practice 

Personal Connection with a teacher

Fellowship with like-minded people

Service living and working in the world

YogaLiving Resources

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