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For those wishing to resolve the spiritual search the tradition has been to seek out a community and a teacher. YogaLiving provides these essential elements and membership is available for people who sincerely wish to  deepen their spiritual understanding within this tradition. Members are known as Friends.

Being a Friend

Joining as a Friend of YogaLiving will enable you to:

  • Belong to a living spiritual fellowship
  • Access  teaching and direct personal guidance
  • Experience the ongoing contact and support of others if desired
  • Progress spiritual awakening in your own life

The opportunities of community

For Friends a wide range of meaningful opportunities are available including:

  • Private community satsangs
  • Access to the teachings
  • Regular communications
  • Retreats and events
  • An annual Friends’ day
  • The community journal Ashrama

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Joining arrangements

For friends the teaching is clear; opportunities to access it are clear, guidance on how to apply it is clear, The Teacher is available and the support system is reliable. The application and implementation of teaching remains in the hands of each individual.

Members are independent and self-directing, accessing  teaching and support at their own pace. This is an important aspect of any real spiritual exploration.

To enable the provision of teaching  and to resource community activities Friends contribute an annual donation. The minimum suggested is £35, some people choose to contribute more.

Should you wish to become a Friend please complete the contact us form and tell us.

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